Summer Cleaning: Five Essentials to Remember When Cleaning the Garage

Organizing your home and keeping it clean can be hard at times. One place that causes most people concern is the garage. This makes sense since it can be ignored for long periods of time. The problem is that clutter and dirt accumulates so much that cleaning it out becomes a major event. The following are five essentials to remember when initiating your summer garage cleaning session.

1. Form a Path

One of the most important things to remember when you are dealing with a cluttered garage is to form a path. Do not worry too much about where you are placing an item that you are removing. The key is to form that path so that you can easily go into the garage and get out. Try to make it into a straight line, and keep it clean.

2. Lift Correctly

The chances are high that you are going to be lifting some heavy items when you are cleaning up the garage. Well, make sure that you are bending down with your knees instead of your back. Your back needs to remain straight whenever lifting. Doing this should help ensure that you do not injure your back while working. Be sure to keep an eye on everyone who is working with you.

3. Get the Dumpster

A Fort Worth dumpster rental will come in handy when you clean your garage. You may find broken items or outdated items that you no longer need. You will not have enough room in your residential dumpster for all that trash, and you still have other things to throw away. Renting a dumpster makes things a lot easier, and all that trash will be hauled away in a jiffy.

4. Know how to Dump

You might not think so, but there is a certain amount of skill that goes into dumping, and you want to make sure that you are doing it right. For one, it is important that you dump all the bulky items first. Then, move on to your smaller items. Never toss items into the dumpster because it might create dust, which could be dangerous, especially if there is glass in the dumpster. Have a ladder next to the dumpster if you are not tall enough to see where you are dumping.

5. Assign a Donation Pile

Everything in your garage is not trash. There are a number of things that you can probably give away to those who need it. It is important to set up a donation pile where you can place all the things that are useful. This is great way to give back and be eco-conscious since you are reducing the amount of things you are dumping. Of course, you can also set up a pile to sell items you believe have some value, which can make this entire day worthwhile.

These are some of the things you have to do when you are cleaning up your garage. Be sure to start early because you do not want to be working in the dark when vision is not perfect, which could put you or those helping in danger of tripping.