Recession Buster Strategy – Do You Make This Mistake in Your Business? A Real-Life Example!

Recession Buster Strategy - Do You Make This Mistake in Your Business? A Real-Life Example!

The other day my air-con during my home stopped working. Being as busy as I am in addition to being hot since it may be outside I instantly contacted a repair company to look at the ac unit. The good thing is how the company appeared from the quick that I called — but they were thirty minutes late.

But that has been not just a huge deal since I was working from home at that time. The big mistake is yet into the future. The repairman was nice, professional, answered my questions, and fixed the machine in a short time. It was a simple mistake so we were back getting cold air rapidly.

So the thing that was the error I hear you ask?

In nearly every single business THE hardest thing to do is get customers. Yes, there are some exceptions to the rule, in case there is no need something to consistently get customers then you’re losing big money.

In this example, this business stood a customer placed directly on their lap. And although I probably didn’t make sure they are a ton of taking advantage of this economy it was still EASY money. They did nothing.

So here is what they should do.

Step #1: There were no thanks to a lot of follow-ups. No thanks card, no many thanks email (since they emailed me their contact information using a referral) and no follow-up to make sure the device is working.

Just somewhat tiny simple thing like a thank you card, or a phone call to find out if everything is okay goes a long way.


Because NOBODY else does it, this is why.

Step #2: They left behind no strategic information that helped me to remember them the next time I have a problem. What are the things they can do? Lots of them.

You see after they have this client database with others who respect and believe in them you will find no limits towards the volume of stuff they could do.

What about air duct cleaning?

And such as so forth. The simple fact is this. Chances are if I find it difficult again I may not remember who did the job the last time. If they leave it around me that’s dangerous.

So here is your action step.

1) Always, always, always follow-up and do at least a call, or perhaps a survey. It makes you jump out.

2) LEAVE behind something inside a location to where they’ll notice. This is not fool-proof most people do keep magnets.

3) A newsletter is perfect. Email is okay, printed (if their economics justify it) is way better. Both are most beneficial.

4) Add offers and bonuses and also other things. The customer database is the place the bucks reach. Because the lifetime value with the customer is how the amount of money is real.