Lack of Focus Can Hurt Your Business

I got my first pair of eyeglasses when I was nine years of age. I remember how shocked I was to see everything in a clear and focussed way for the first time. The trees had leaves and there was an outline to everything that was quite shocking.

The funny thing is that I didn’t really know how much I really needed those glasses until I got them!

That’s how it is in business. Sometimes we work and work without having the knowledge that our vision is blurred and things are out of focus. We keep putting one foot infront of the other, without thinking that there is a better way to do things.

Then, all of a sudden, often without any notice, an idea appears and we realize that this is the exact thing that we have been needing. Everything is clear and the blur is gone.

There are several things you can do to improve your business vision:

1. Prepare a Business Plan – Writing things down usually allows you to see things that need to be done in a clear manner

2. Consult with a peer – When we discuss things with others, we sometimes are surprised at how “wise” the other person can be. Usually it is because they have had to figure things out before you did but might actually be behind you in other areas.

3. Take a course or attend a Conference – We need to seek knowledge and will be rewarded by doing so.

4. Trust yourself – Block off a day without any interruptions to go off somewhere on your own with a pad of paper and a pen. Write down all the challenges you are facing and then allow your brain to come up with some options. Do …

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Make An Airtel Online Bill Payment and Enjoy Exclusive Offers As Well As Deals!!!

Airtel is among the leading telecom service providers across the country. It has its operations in 20 other countries except India. It facilitates its users with 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services along with mobile commerce. It is believed that Airtel is gaining popularity among its customers because of its friendly and affordable postpaid mobile recharge plans. It is known for providing its customers with amazing networks as well as effective customer care services. It ensures that the plans offered by it are flexible in nature. It ensures that the plans that have been designed by it are a perfect combination of flexibility, saving and freedom.

Make An Airtel Online Bill Payment and Enjoy Exclusive Offers As Well As Deals!!!

Simple postpaid recharge:

Making an airtel online bill paymenthas been simpler and easier with the introduction of popular online portals. There are numerous online portals available in the industry. One can make use of these portals and get to know about the latest plans, deals, coupons as well as offers. These offers can be availed by a person after making his/her airtel online bill payment.

These portals accept multiple modes of payment, especially the digital modes of payment including net banking, debit card, credit card, Oxigen wallet, Paytm wallet, etc. These modes of payment are considered as the safest mode of making payment. Making an airtel online bill payment using these portals is considered absolutely safe, as these portals enable them to enjoy uninterrupted services without having sufficient cash with him/her. Also, these portals enable them to enjoy cashless transactions.

It is said that one gets a complete refund of the amount so paid, if a transaction gets failed. Not only this, one can explore the latest plans and offers available on making an online recharge. The users are provided with minimum cashback and huge discounts on making an Airtel online recharge or …

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Choosing The Best Web Hosting For Your Internet Business

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Every website owner is trying to find the best deals when it comes to their web hosting. For an online business to prosper, it is important that you be able to get the best deal that there is for you. The host can be for a personal business site that you have or one for your company. An online business cannot work if you do not have a website. It is the way by which customers can access your business. People have to have a place where they can see you.

All websites will have a presence online in one way or another. There is one computer in this world that has to be the home of your website. A website is simply files located on a hard disk. The web hosting company then puts it on the network so that people all around the world can view it.

Finding the right web hosting solution is a crucial thing for you to do. Getting the wrong one means that you will be encountering some problems in the future. This article will give you five tips on how you can select well.

Tip number one is to select a web host that is already known and has a huge customer base. This is an assurance for you that a lot of people think the web hosting solution is good for them. If they have a misstep, all their customers would know and they would lose their customer base. News spreads quickly online and a good provider will likely get noticed by a lot of people.

Tip number two is to get a web hosting plan that allows you to upload and download fast. This makes sure that your pages load as swiftly as possible and that your visitors will …

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Make a Website Free – 5 Benefits of Building a Website For Your Online Business

Make a Website Free - 5 Benefits of Building a Website For Your Online Business

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You can make money on internet in 24 hours with a website. Having a website is very important to your business and here are 10 reasons why:

ou can make money on internet in 24 hours with a website. Having a website is very important to your business and here are 10 reasons why:

1. 24-7-365

You can have constant contact with your customers all day, everyday, every month, every year. No more worries about opening and closing, missed calls or holidays, your customer can reach your products anytime. You’ve probably heard “make money why you sleep” and this is why many people use website.

2. Diversify revenue sources

Your customers can be anywhere in the world and can access to your products. You can have more chance to sell to more people from different regions, countries. The economy on the internet is blooming faster than it ever is, don’t take this opportunity lightly.

You can also sell advertising space to other companies and websites. You can sign up for some affiliate programs and make money through their offers.

3. Cheaper and more flexible than print advertising

Print advertising has becoming more obsolete because it is way cheaper to get your ads on internet for your business. You can easily change it anytime you like without worry creating the wrong information. Your website can be accessible for a long period of time with less expense. A domain usually cost you around $7-8/year and hosting can be free to $9/month.

4. Convenient shopping from home

People shop online more and more everyday. We have become lazier as technology gives us that chance. Having your product accessible to you through a screen is much less hassle than driving your car through traffics and get lost. The internet is the self …

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Balancing the SEO and Functional Needs of a Website

Balancing the SEO and Functional Needs of a Website

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Like in any corporate tussle, a website is easily torn between the designers and the marketers. It is important that there is a fine balance between the two. Therefore there is a great need for a balance between the SEO aspect and the usability aspect of the website since they both are interdependent.

The role of SEO is to get a lot of traffic to the website so that the business can benefit and with the right kind of usability available the business can generate profits. However is the usability is not good, SEO will only drive traffic and no customers which will mean complete waste of money. On the other way round, in case the usability is good but no one comes on to the website, there is no point. All money wasted once again!

It is therefore important that you can have a professional or a company handle both these aspects for you in unison. In case the two companies doing this for you should be on the same page. Most people believe that the role of SEO only comes into the picture once the website is created and this is the biggest myth. SEO has a say from the time a website is made. You have to remember, every small detail matters when it comes to SEO and therefore you have to ensure that the professionals handling that are equipped with the right knowledge and given the right authorities from the very beginning.

Moreover, you also have to evaluate the weight of both these aspects on the performance of your business. If the SEO is doing good but the business is not generated, you need to pump up the usability side of it and vice versa. At any point of time, the balance might change …

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Top 5 Profitable Online Businesses in 2011

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Looking for ideas to start an online business that you can operate from home?

These days, it’s the norm to talk about starting an online business. The appeal of starting an online business lies in a low to small start-up capital, ease of starting an online business and lots of tools you can leverage on to build your online business.

Despite the fact that there are so many different online businesses springing up almost everyday, here’s my choice of the top 5 online businesses that can net you high returns. And the first will be…

1) Flipping a website or blog.

This method of making money applies to the online world as well. Like the flipping of a real estate property, a website or blog can be bought and sold at a higher price. There are also webmasters who purchase a website or blog that is set up but has yet to attract a huge volume of traffic. They then add to the website and enhance its value by adding more design elements, attracting more traffic and even building a subscriber base to enhance the value of the website or blog.

2) Web hosting and reselling

Everyone who has a website or intends to have one will require the needs of a web hosting account pretty soon. This is one of my favourite methods of making money online as it creates a stream of passive income if done properly. You can create a web business by setting up your own servers and sell hosting space to people who are interested in hosting their websites or act as a reseller and earn a percentage of the sale from each customer.

There are also some innovative companies such as  which offers reseller hosting and the opportunity to create your own …

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Entrepreneur India Magazine animation free download

entrepreneur magazine franchise 500 listThe new site is becoming managed for me by Motorsport Media Solutions (which publishes Motorsport Monday, of which some of you might know as I am a regular contributor). This will let me to concentrate my time on blog content material, the GP+ e-magazine , my weekly insider newsletter ( click here to locate out more ), my Audience With Joe events, my podcasts and, hopefully, some more books in the not as well distant future.

Nestle Fitness differentiates itself by offering a magazine with articles on shape, style, seasonal meals and style specialties, food recipes and beauty info. It has a website you can log in to to track your fitness goals, and it consists of a perform out program you can adhere to. There is also nutritional education on the website that is intended to guide you by way of healthy consuming for the rest of the day. Unique K’s selling proposition is nutrition, but they tell their shoppers what to consume, Nestle Fitness is trying to teach their buyers how to pick what to consume.Entrepreneur India Magazine animation free download

GP+ is the quickest F1 magazine in the planet. It’s so quick, it really is nearly real-time… But it is a magazine that tells you the complete story, like racing magazines utilized to do. It is published in electronic form in PDF format, so you can read it on a laptop or a tablet. Nestle Fitness provides fewer merchandise than Specific K, only cereals and bars. They provide much more customer help than Special K even though, through their newsletter, magazine, coupons, app, and web site.

Go Fish Magazine  business magazine

animation magazine summitThe new web site is being managed for me by Motorsport Media Solutions (which publishes Motorsport Monday, of which some of you could know as …

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