Affiliate Marketing – All Back Links Are Not Created Equal

Back links may be the most time consuming part of affiliate marketing unless you do something like PCC where it would not matter. But for the rest of us who do not feel like spending money or just do not have the budget we need backlinks for our affiliate sites to rank well. I am going to explain why they are not all the same and how to get the best back links for great success.

First of all there are many factors that play into how good the links are that point back to your site like anchor text and the quality of the site that is linking to yours. Since everybody tries to rank for Google I will explain it on their terms. They rank every website that is indexed in their database on a scale of 0-10 with 10 being the most valuable and 0 just means that it is indexed with no value. This is called page rank.

Affiliate Marketing - All Back Links Are Not Created Equal

The higher the page rank of the site pointing back to yours is, the higher you will get ranked in Google because they then see your site as an authority. But there is a difference between having a link from an article in a directory that has a page rank 7 like Ezine Articles and a link from a page that is actually ranked 7. The home page of Ezine Articles is ranked 7.

If you had a link from a sites home page that has a page rank 7 then your rankings would sky rocket. So basically what I am trying to see is that no matter what quality back links always out weight quantity. A link from a page with a PR 7 is way more powerful than about 10,000 links from sites with PR 0s. But these are the hardest links to get of course. That is why buying and exchanging back links has become big business.

All successful affiliate marketers know this and strive to get the highest quality links for their sites so they can rank high in the search engines for competitive keywords. That way tons of traffic gets sent their way and make a ton of sales just as long as they have the quality content to go with it.

So now I will explain what you can do to get these high quality back links with both free and paid methods.

Buy them. You can sign up for a paid service that gives you sites a great deal of back links. But beware of the ones that give you thousands of low quality links. You would want a very effective service that gives you some very high quality back links like linkvana.

Use tools. Article submitters remain the most popular tool for building back links. There are article spinners that take one article you wrote and send it out to hundreds of directories and keep them unique. There are also social bookmarking tools that help.

Contact the webmasters. This is the toughest part. It is free in some cases unless the site you want a back link from only wants people to buy ad space. But you can contact them and ask to check out site and give you a back link. Keep in mind that this is extremely time consuming and there are not a lot of generous webmasters out there.

Do everything yourself. The most common way for broke affiliates is to constantly submit articles to article directories like EzineArticles and Squidoo. Also submit to directories like at  for some high quality links. There are many paid directories so watch out. You can also do small stuff like post on blogs and forums but these are not as quality as articles.